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May 1, 2013 by baileybowthorpe

Do you use Spotify?

It took me a while to become fully converted, but now I’m hooked. My poor iTunes is feeling really left out. Sometimes I’ll turn on my iTunes and listen for a while just because I feel guilty for neglecting it so much. 

Spotify is superior because first of all, I can listen to most any song I want without having to buy it. Second, I can create playlists, share them, and see what my friends are listening to. Recently, a favorite activity is to “share” songs. If you right click on a song on Spotify you can click on an option to share the song with a friend (message included). Super fun…sometimes (especially around finals week) my friends and I get a little creative. Take today for example: any song we shared had to be used in a sentence. 

Jenna: Bailey, Shaun–“Just Give Me A Reason” (pink) to love essential oils.

Bailey: Really?! Essential oils are “The Heart of Life” (john mayer).

Shaun: They can make you “The Fighter” (gym class heroes). 

As you can see, it’s pretty entertaining. 

If you aren’t on Spotify, I highly recommend it. Not only does it have any song you could ever want to listen to (and more), you and your friends can have a funny story’s to share the next time you see each other. (“Remember when you sent me that hilarious song?!”) Start sharing!


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