Why no 7-11?


April 30, 2013 by baileybowthorpe

I live in a small college town. And when I say small, I mean a population of about 30,000. I love A LOT of things about this place:

1. near to so many national parks

2. a tourist destination in its own right

3. home to Southern Utah University

4. sunsets & summer nights

Another thing I love is how many food options there are. Thai? Authentic BBQ? Steakhouse? Mexican? Pizza? We’ve got you covered. (especially with the mexican food). We also have the famous street named “burger alley”. Why? Because the entire street, conveniently right off of I-15, seems to be filled with fast food restaurants and gas stations.

But one thing is missing from this incredible place. Yes it literally has everything you could ever want (WalMart included) except for

a 7-11.

Yes, there are Maverik, Chevron, Texaco, and Shell Stations, but 7-11 holds a special place in my heart because of one thing



There is nothing like a slurpee from 7-11. Many people have tried to replicate it, but it simply cannot be done. If this lovely place I’ve called home for the past 3 years had a authentic 7-11 slurpee I would cry tears of joy.

So why am I making this frustration known now? It’s simple, really. I’m craving the fluffy, sugary, cool goodness of a slurpee.

People of Cedar City, Utah: WHY NO 7-11?!


2 thoughts on “Why no 7-11?

  1. aly says:

    Add a few smarties to your slurpee and you will have perfection.

  2. Brynn says:

    This is truly a tragedy.

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