Would You Rather…


April 20, 2013 by baileybowthorpe

Does this story sound familiar?

You’ve been sitting at this social gathering for almost 30 minutes now and feel just as out of place as the minute you stepped in. You don’t know anyone well, and everyone seems to be just sitting around scrolling through endless photo collages of other people’s cute kids/food/vacations on their phone, with a few small conversations happening here and there. It’s just plain awkward. You turn to the person next to you and try to start a conversation…but it’s turning into 20 questions for you and 1 word answers for them. The truth is, you can tell that they are feeling the same way you are about the situation. That’s when you say, “so ____________ (fill in the blank of the person sitting next to you…) would you rather…”

be poor and work at a job you love or be rich and work at a job you hate?

always lose or never play?

always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again?

have a missing finger or an extra toe?

wind surf in shark infested waters or hang glide over a forest fire?

We’ve all played this game–it’s the classic conversation starter. But you know what? It works! Your party just got more exciting and people are more engaged in what’s actually happening THERE, not just on their phone. Most of the time, it leads to more “would you rather questions”, some that get bizarre I might add, and a lot of laughs.

If you haven’t been in this situation before I guarantee you will at some point. Have some good “would you rather” questions up your sleeve and you won’t feel bored or out of place for long!

It’s Saturday. Plan a party, make some food and invite your friends.


4 thoughts on “Would You Rather…

  1. Jenna says:

    I would def rather read your blog. AND…. Lose a finger. An extra toe is…weird. 😉
    Would you rather eat a spoon full of mustard or a garlic?

  2. Bryttin says:

    Would you rather be on a road trip in driving rain or a blizzard? Or how about a few hours in the car with B & J, and the do-do’s? Maybe this weekend….

  3. aly says:

    would you rather go to New York or Washington DC???
    would you rather …questions are good conversation starters! I’m trying it next get together!

  4. Brynn says:

    Would you rather eat popcorn or sour patch kids? Love this!

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