Music: A Universal Language


April 15, 2013 by baileybowthorpe

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I love to listen to music. In fact, if there was such thing as listening to TOO much music, I might be a culprit. My second favorite thing behind listening and singing to music is enjoying it with a friend. 

Last night my friend and I wound up spending a few hours singing random songs together and then proceeded to share some of our new favorites. I have to tell you, it was THERAPEUTIC!  Really though. Whether it’s singing, playing or listening–music is something that everyone can relate to and enjoy. 

So, here’s my top 5 recent (and not so recent) favorite songs:

1. Stop This Train by John Mayer. I NEVER get sick of this song. It’s even my alarm, and I’m still not sick of it. Pretty incredible right?! “So scared of getting older, I’m only good at being young, so I play the numbers game to find a way to say that life has just begun…” Brilliant. 

2. You’ve Got A Friend by James Taylor. A classic. I was laughing with my roommate the other day because when people talk about “JT” I legitimately think they’re talking about James Taylor…not Justin Timberlake. Ooops. James Taylor will always be JT to me. I think I was supposed to grow up in the seventies because I love the music too much. And this song…always a great reminder! “Hey ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend, when people can be so cold. They’ll hurt you, yes, and desert you. And take your soul if you let them, but don’t you let them.”

3. Many The Miles by Sara Bareilles. “There’s too many things I haven’t done yet, there’s too many sunsets I haven’t seen…” Great motto for life in my opinion! Goal #1: Learn how to play this on the piano. Goal #2: Learn how to sing like Sara. If I could have anyone’s voice it would be hers. 

4. To Be Surprised by Sondre Lerche. “But, baby be prepared to be surprised”. Not only is this song from one of my all time favorite movies, Dan in Real Life, but I always feel happier when I hear the intro–basically I would love this song to always be playing in the background of my life. I just love it. 

5. Awake My Soul by Mumford and Sons. Another song that is always stuck in my head, but so powerful. I LOVE Mumford and Sons. “In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die, where you invest your love, you invest your life.” 

There you have it–my top five. At least for now…it literally changes on a minute by minute basis. 

What are your top 5 favorite songs right now? Comment below or share them with a friend!


5 thoughts on “Music: A Universal Language

  1. Jenna says:

    haha JT!! And you know who much I love John Mayer. mmm…Concert soon!?

  2. aly says:

    JT—you are your father’s daughter.
    I think you do sing like Sara!

  3. …excellent tunes… a girl after my own heart.

  4. Preston says:

    Music is powerful. The more I study it the more I learn how much effect music can have on the listener. Music has an especially powerful influence over emotions. Have you ever tried listening to a movie with no music background, the movie just doesn’t capture your emotions without the music.

  5. […] you already know from an earlier post, I’m a big fan of Sara Bareilles. As a quick reminder: if I could have anyone’s voice […]

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