Conversation Cafe


April 14, 2013 by baileybowthorpe

There’s something missing from many people’s daily lives:

Critical thinking skills.

Conversation skills.


Creativity. Innovation.


Let’s be honest here, we all get caught up in our tweets, smart phones, laptops, likes, +1’s, netflix, texts, emails and forget to (drumroll please…this is pretty revolutionary!)


Pretty awesome concept, don’t you think?

That’s why a groups all over the world have started something called a “conversation cafe” where people get together at a cafe and simply start a conversation about a specific topic. There is no structure to the conversation–it’s just plain old face to face communication and a time to learn from other people.

Take some time this week and turn off your phone, close your laptop, pause your netflix save your tweets, and talk to someone. That someone can be your closest friend or a complete stranger–you will learn from both.

Think you might want to start your own conversation cafe? Check out more information here.


7 thoughts on “Conversation Cafe

  1. aly says:

    In my opinion:
    Face to face brings better communication- you can see the face, hear the inflection and feel the relationship. I’m hoping face to face never goes out of style!

  2. Bonnie says:

    It’s pretty crazy that we have to have a ‘conversation cafe’ to talk to people these days without our gadgets but if that’s what it takes, then I guess it’s a good thing!

  3. Sarah says:

    My roommate gets frustrated with me because my texts are so short. When she gets a text, she says, she wants it to actually say something. But for me, a text is about convenience and quick communication. Conversations don’t work as well through texts, I’d rather have them in person .

  4. Joy Petty says:

    For a busy mom, real conversation is not only much more efficient, but much more nourishing to the soul than emailing or texts are. In just a few minutes face to face, a huge amount can be communicated, where if you were sending texts or chatting online, only a few lines can be sent back and forth. There’s a lot of communication that happens through body language as well, that can’t be seen through words on a screen. Facial expression, eyes, posture, etc. all communicate powerfully.

  5. Heather Smurthwaite says:

    I think it’s a wonderful idea! That’s the true stuff of real relationships, and the training of relationship skills!

  6. Talking is good… but then, there’s always that mischievous little look in the eye that says so much… 🙂

    My dad used to say some people had ‘diarrhea of the mouth!’ (Kind of a nasty visual image.) Problem is… I think I sometimes have it, and I know that Dad sometimes had it.
    P.S. Pepto Bismol doesn’t help.

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