Remember When


April 9, 2013 by baileybowthorpe

Many great conversations begin with a memory. That is why I’ve recently found that there’s nothing that connects people better than reminiscing about their favorite childhood TV shows.

I grew up with a lot of PBS kids stuff like “ZOOM” and “Mr. Rogers”. As I got older, I enjoyed Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Boy Meets World on ABC’s “TGIF” lineup. And then there was “One Saturday Morning” for all of the best Saturday cartoons (i.e. Recess, Doug, Pepperann)

If you really want to get people “remembering” mention a few of these key three:

For my mom and dad’s generation:



my older sister’s time:



my childhood favorite:



Next time you’re with your friends, ask them what TV show reminds them of their childhood. Not only is it a great icebreaker, but chances are you’ll find out something new about them.


4 thoughts on “Remember When

  1. Jenna says:

    One of my favorites….Rocket Power! And most embarrassingly, I love Sponge Bob.

  2. Shaun says:

    I loved our talk about Arthur yesterday!! I remember watching Recess all the time.

  3. Heather Smurthwaite says:

    I remember watching Star Trek. We would watch it as a family. I became a “trekkie”!

  4. Reposting my reply from a few days ago…

    I always liked Mr. Wizard and the adventures of Tooter the Turtle. Take a look, you’ll fall in love

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