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February 5, 2013 by baileybowthorpe

Alright, who went to an awesome Super Bowl party this Sunday? That is the ultimate time to eat delicious food and be with people you care about. An american tradition. I was planning on going to my friend Shaun’s party for homemade pizza, but ended up just watching it with my roommate Jenna at home. Because these plans were unexpected, we didn’t really have anything gourmet as far as food goes–so, like any reasonable college student we went for the blue box. Kraft Mac & Cheese, that is. Does that count as a Super Bowl food? We also made chicken…which turned out to be a more of a side dish compared to the large amount of mac & cheese we ate (totally acceptable…especially for the Super Bowl).

In retrospect, it was probably a very good idea that Jenna and I didn’t go to that party. Instead, we legitimately analyzed every single one of the advertisements. I’ll blame it on our advertising, social media and public relations classes this semester that got us really into critiquing ads. We also became mildly obsessed with following what was trending on twitter during the entire game. I may or may not have kept note of every single hashtag used in the ads. Jenna probably tweeted about 40 times.

So–here’s my shortlist of 5 memorable Super Bowl Ads:

Best Tagline: Audi. “Bravery. It’s What Defines Us.” Brilliant in my opinion.

Most Disgusting: Go Daddy. The Kiss. Just thinking about it makes me gag a little.

Sentimental Award: This is a hard one. I think it’s a tie between the Jeep and Dodge Ram ads. Welcoming the troops home? Farmers? Paul Harvey? Oprah? How to decide?! I’ll leave this one up to you.

Best storyline: Budweiser’s Clydesdale commercial. First and foremost, Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide was the background music. Nothing beats that! Second of all, the whole story of the guy raising the horse, sending him off to be a Budweiser clydesdale, and then connecting with him again–I was captured. Loved it.

Best social media campaign: OREO. Seriously. So. Awesome. The commercial was pretty funny–especially when the fireman came in whispering “FIRE!”. But the instagram/twitter campaign is fantastic. I followed Oreo on Twitter that night just because of how awesome that campaign was. Have you seen the sculptures they’ve made out of cookie/cream? So amazing.

There were so many other greats: Kia’s “Babylandia”, Taco Bell’s “Old People, Live Mas” (that one was definitely memorable…), Tide “Stain”, Hyundai “Build Your Team”–the list goes on.

Of course I couldn’t end the night without popping some popcorn and chatting about the outcome of the game. (Sometimes I can’t handle it when it’s that intense!)

What were your favorite Super Bowl Ads? What would you add or remove from my list? Get together with your friends, watch some of these ad “re-runs” on youtube, and start critiquing! I can guarantee a fun and opinion filled conversation.


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