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January 22, 2013 by baileybowthorpe

Do you hate the cold weather as much as I do? Seriously. Winter is rough. I don’t like wearing (what feels like) 50 layers only to have it (kind of) warm up a few hours later, leaving you wondering why you wore 50 layers. There is no happy medium. I’m always either freezing cold, or uncomfortably warm.

Which is why fall is the best season. The obvious reason is because fall is when sunny summers fade into cold winters–so it’s more hot than cold. Spring, on the other hand, is when frigid winters fade into warm summers–hence why spring is more cold than hot. Clearly that is a logical explanation for why fall is superior to all other seasons. It’s the perfect temperature to go outside and hike, bike, swim, walk, run, play sports. Winter on the other hand, I would rather stay inside underneath 4 to 5 blankets than do anything that requires me to even open the front door.

Maybe I’m rambling about this cold weather because my room literally feels like it is 5 degrees right now. I’m all for keeping the gas bill down, but my nose might just fall off in the process. Oh well.

On the up side, here are 3 products I’ve been using to survive the constant cold:

1. Rice Bags. Have you ever used these? It’s basically just a little fabric sewn together with rice poured in. Stick that in the microwave for 2 minutes and 31 seconds (yes, that 1 second makes a difference) and then transfer it to the end of your bed–it will keep your feet warm for hours!


2. Stephen’s Apple Cinnamon Cider. I basically lived off of this stuff during the month of December. It has just the right amount of the tart apple flavor, coupled with a sweet cinnamon spice. I’m not joking when I say it warms my soul. I’m also convinced this hot drink is the cure to a sore throat.


3. Kleenex “cool touch” brand tissues. My boss has these on the front desk at work, and they are incredible. Another winter pet peeve (and I’m sure you can relate) is how I–and everyone else for that matter–is constantly sniffling. These tissues are unbelievably soft and made with cooling moisturizers and aloe, making them cool to the touch. So soothing for a sore nose.


Do you have a favorite season? What is the best product out there to cure the winter blues and keep you toasty at the same time?

Chances are your friends have strong opinions about this subject, so embrace the cold and invite them over for some popcorn and hot cider!


One thought on “just your average post about the weather

  1. Sam Taylor says:

    Moving to Texas taught me something rather tragic… Stephen’s hot chocolate is primarily a Utah thing. Isn’t that so sad. The world does not get to experience the goodness of their many varieties of hot chocolate. In Texas, we are trapped with only plain ol’ milk chocolate Swiss Miss. I has kind of been one of my soapboxes to my fellow graduate students. All the flavors of coffee in the world, but the hot chocolate is so boring. #reasonsImissUtah

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