FLOTUS and Bangs


January 17, 2013 by baileybowthorpe

It’s Thursday! And you know what that means? It’s time to relax, take a pre-weekend break, and invite your friends over for a snack (maybe popcorn??) to talk. 

There is never a lack of topics to discuss when I am with my friends, and I’m sure it is the same for you. But just in case you’re having trouble, here is an idea to get the conversation going: 

Today is Michelle Obama’s birthday! Is she not the classiest woman in America? She has an amazing style and is so relatable. Do you remember when she did a fitness competition with Jimmy Kimmel? Or when she beat Ellen doing push-ups? Legit first lady status. Not to mention her ’causes’ like the “Let’s Move!” campaign and helping U.S. veteran families. Yeah, I’m a fan. This morning, the FLOTUS twitter handle was created. (Yes, FLOTUS is First Lady of the United States). Apparently the Office of the First Lady will be updating it with daily happenings and pictures. The first picture was posted late this morning which revealed Mrs. Obama’s new haircut! That’s right, Michelle Obama now has BANGS (just in time for inauguration day)! I personally love them, but maybe you and your friends will have a different opinion. 



(picture courtesy of @FLOTUS twitter)

Speaking of bangs, do you remember those fantastic 80’s bangs that were oh so popular? And the hairspray that went along with them? Like spraying superglue all over your scalp? I’m sure glad those days are over! 

I’m predicting that first lady/fashion icon Michelle Obama will make bangs (minus the crazy hairspray) even more popular than they already are. Also, if the only reason you watch the inauguration coverage on Sunday is to see what awesome gown she’ll wear (let’s be real, it will be AMAZING) or how she pulls of the bangs–that’s okay. Do it! You’ll probably end up loving everything in between (this is coming from someone who once watched basically an entire inauguration day on C-SPAN…so, maybe on second thought, don’t trust my judgement).

Are you a fan of the FLOTUS? (if so, follow her on twitter) What about bangs? Did you ever have a set of crazy bangs or a unique hairstyle?

Pop up some popcorn and learn something new about a friend.  


One thought on “FLOTUS and Bangs

  1. aly says:

    When I think of bangs I think of trying to grow them out. Hair hanging in your face or a cute plastic barrette holding them off to one side. One thing for sure- you need more “hair appts.” for bang trims when you have a specific way you want your bangs to look. I think Michelle needed a new do. Looks good on her.

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